Private Labelling


Have you ever wated to start your own natural product business or line of essential Oils? This can be quite daunting as some of the obstacles are lack of knowledge and skill in development, expertise in purchasing quality ingredients, and where to find those great suppliers to obtain necessary materials.

Whether you have your own company or are ready to start one, you can find everything you need with A.G.Industries. When it comes to buying and selling private label essential oils, private label products, private label cosmetics. you have plenty of options to satisfy consumers and give them quality oils.

The implementation of state-of-the-art packing machines ensures the best quality of private labelling of essential oils, carrier oils, aromatherapy oils and cosmetics.






Preparing Your Essential Oils for Sale


Once you've selected your oils and found the right blends, it'll be time to bottle them up and add labels. You may be anxious, but you'll need to consider a few things in packaging your private label essential oils. To ensure your products are up to bar, view the list below:

Filling: You should also have your essential oils bottled in glass, especially if they are pure oils. Brown glass bottles are preferable, as this is often a sign of pure oils. Bottles should also be airtight.


Storing: Always store your oils in a cool and dry place. If you create and sell oils from your own home, the kitchen or bathroom is ideal for storing.

Labeling: Your essential oil labels need to include the plant's botanical name, common name, and show the oil is 100% pure, if it is. You need to also include the origins of the oil extracts.




Packaging Solutions



Product Devlopment


With A.G.Industries as your manufacturing partner  you can create your own products with your choice of ingredients, packaging and labels . 

Customer Confidentiality


We value customer relations and respect privacy.  All interactions are highly confidential so your sources and "trade secrets" are safe with us.  All parties are protected by mutual NDA's (Non-disclosure agreement) We also have full product liability insurance.

 We take the worry out of product development which allows you to focus on marketing and promoting your lines.  So contact us today.  We can help.  Afterall, this is what we do for a living and this is what we believe in.